December 20, 2012

Hungry Munchers iphone game WIP

For the last year and a half or so I've been learning the Objective-C programming language with a goal of creating a simple iPhone game. I've always loved the idea of programming. Something about melding artwork with something interactive is just super neat. After cramming my head with some knowledge I went to work on my first game, Hungry Munchers.

I hope to have it in the App Store in a few months if everything goes as planned. I'm also working on setting up a simple webpage where I hope to share some of my experiences incase anyone else with a predominant right side of the brain, wishes to exercise the left. Stay tuned!

December 3, 2012

Business Woman Character Sketch

Concept sketch of a business woman that would host an intro to an iphone app explaining its features.

click the image to enlarge