February 16, 2011

Self Portrait Attempt

This was an assignment done for that figure drawing class I'm taking at Kendall. After a few hours of sitting in my bathroom, using the toilet as a stool and looking in the mirror, i came up with this slightly awkward, moody, emo looking drawing of myself. Doesn't help that my head was tilted down a bit to see my paper and I drew my eyes looking forward hehe.

I definitely want to spend more time with charcoal to get to know it better. Find out its likes and dislikes. I'm not sure we are getting along too well right now.

click the image to enlarge


Anne Ley | Online Digital Printing said...

Wow how long have you been in the bathroom? Was it hard to draw yourself. Did it feel weird to look at the sketch of your own self?

But this is really nice already and to think that you're still getting to know charcoal.

BenL said...

Hi Anne,

Thanks for the comment. It was probably around 3 hours in the bathroom total ;) Yes, it is hard to draw yourself! I'm still uncertain to whether it really looks enough like me or not, but it was a good challenge.

Anne Ley | Online Digital Printing said...

Even if I haven't seen you yet, I know this looks so much like you. An artist's eye is a precious gift. I don't know, I guess you appreciate more even the smallest details.