February 1, 2011

Figure Drawings

Im currently taking a figure drawing course in Grand Rapids at Kendall College of Art and Design partly because I had a hard time finding uninstructed workshops and partly because its always good to have some instructions ;) So far I'm enjoying the class quite a bit. It has focused mainly on the form of the body and experimenting with different methods to get comfortable drawing it. Exercises like contour and blind contour drawings, and a pretty fun one where we had to imagine we were sitting across from where we were actually sitting and draw that side of the model.

Last summer I took an anatomy for artists class while I was living in California with Charles Hu at his school 3Kick in Pasadena. At the time, that class was a lot of info, but I'm very glad I took it as it has all started to sink in and is helping me draw people a lot better. Having a better understanding of the major muscles, and proportions has really helped me get over the stagnant point I was at before the class. Its like when I used to play the bass guitar. I didn't sit down and learn a thing when I started, but played mainly by ear. One day someone taught me some basic scales. At first it felt as if I was going backwards with my playing, but once I got comfortable with it, I became a much better bass player.

Anyway, keep learning, taking classes, and growing at whatever you do :)

A drawing from my class in GR

Some of this weeks homework. We had to draw one of the handouts she provided.

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