February 16, 2011

Self Portrait Attempt

This was an assignment done for that figure drawing class I'm taking at Kendall. After a few hours of sitting in my bathroom, using the toilet as a stool and looking in the mirror, i came up with this slightly awkward, moody, emo looking drawing of myself. Doesn't help that my head was tilted down a bit to see my paper and I drew my eyes looking forward hehe.

I definitely want to spend more time with charcoal to get to know it better. Find out its likes and dislikes. I'm not sure we are getting along too well right now.

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February 1, 2011

Figure Drawings

Im currently taking a figure drawing course in Grand Rapids at Kendall College of Art and Design partly because I had a hard time finding uninstructed workshops and partly because its always good to have some instructions ;) So far I'm enjoying the class quite a bit. It has focused mainly on the form of the body and experimenting with different methods to get comfortable drawing it. Exercises like contour and blind contour drawings, and a pretty fun one where we had to imagine we were sitting across from where we were actually sitting and draw that side of the model.

Last summer I took an anatomy for artists class while I was living in California with Charles Hu at his school 3Kick in Pasadena. At the time, that class was a lot of info, but I'm very glad I took it as it has all started to sink in and is helping me draw people a lot better. Having a better understanding of the major muscles, and proportions has really helped me get over the stagnant point I was at before the class. Its like when I used to play the bass guitar. I didn't sit down and learn a thing when I started, but played mainly by ear. One day someone taught me some basic scales. At first it felt as if I was going backwards with my playing, but once I got comfortable with it, I became a much better bass player.

Anyway, keep learning, taking classes, and growing at whatever you do :)

A drawing from my class in GR

Some of this weeks homework. We had to draw one of the handouts she provided.

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