November 29, 2009

Mini Gore

Me and a few of the people I work with bought Mini Gore for our Ipod/Iphones. It's a really fun and simple game with some really great art (WELL worth the dollar it costs). We have a little competition for the highest score, and the holder of that title, gets to display this little "trophy" of the main character, John Gore, that I made on their desk. Current record holder....yours truly, At *14,340 points.

John was made with Sculpey and acrylic paint.

*this post will not be updated in the rare case my record is beaten :P

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Timo (Mountain Sheep) said...

That is so cool! I've seen people do paper models and drawings but this is the first Sculpey model of John Gore I've ever seen! How long did it take to sculpt and paint it?

I'm also glad to hear that you've been enjoying Minigore :) We finished Christmas episode last week and already started doing episode 4.

Best Regards,
Timo Vihola

BenL said...

Hey Timo, Thanks for the comment, that's cool you found this post :) Mini Gore is awesome and I can't wait for all the exciting updates! You guys seem like a great company, keep up the good work!

It wasn't too long of a process. The problem I had was trying to make geometrical shapes with the Sculpey. Its kind of soft, and even using an Exacto blade would warp it when cutting. I probably should have used their firmer clay if I had some. I actually used that paper cut out that you blogged about for reference :)

looking forward to battling wormwolf,

Ben Lambert

peqpe said...

i'm crazy for your crazyness :-P
sounds like a hard job, the kind of job that once finished become the best ;-)
[in the past i painted some pixel-art images using MS Excel.. i don't know why, but i got the same feeling from your work :-) ]

BenL said...

ha ha thanks peqpe!

KRB said...

Love this game!!