November 29, 2009

Fantastic Mr Fox

I saw Fantastic Mr. Fox last night. It was so good, I wanted to mention it here! It's an absolutely inspiring film that is just bursting with creativity. I think you should go see it ;)

Figure Drawing

A few figure drawings from 2 different sessions.

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Mini Gore

Me and a few of the people I work with bought Mini Gore for our Ipod/Iphones. It's a really fun and simple game with some really great art (WELL worth the dollar it costs). We have a little competition for the highest score, and the holder of that title, gets to display this little "trophy" of the main character, John Gore, that I made on their desk. Current record holder....yours truly, At *14,340 points.

John was made with Sculpey and acrylic paint.

*this post will not be updated in the rare case my record is beaten :P

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