May 26, 2009


I've been taking an Adobe Flash Actionscripting course at Santa Monica College these last few weeks and its been sucking the free time out of me. I am really enjoying it though! I'm not sure if my brain's cut out for this kind of stuff but its slowly making sense the more i stare at it. I'm kind of at the equivalent of knowing Spanish enough to read it, but when I try to speak it, out comes Spanglish with a lot of pauses between my sentences.

Speaking of Spanish, I needed a break from Actionscripting so I re-visited this caricature I started of my Mexican co-worker, Heri a while back. (nice transition huh!) He's a talented dude. Check out his blog while enjoying a Corona.

click the image to enlarge

sketched and textured in Photoshop, colored in Illustrator.