April 28, 2009

Ben Harper Caricature and a visit to his Mom's folk music store

I saw a documentary film about Ben Harper recently, and in that film it talked about his Mothers music store where he grew up surrounded by musicians and unique folk instruments. When I realized that store was just 45 minutes away, I had to check it out. My friend Beags, who lent me the film, knew the route from his previous visit. So we hopped in his car and headed out to Claremont, CA!

Ben Harper Caricature
I had to do a caricature of Ben Harper to make it fit this blog ;)

There were some really interesting instruments from all over the world and a huge wall filled with mainly ukulele's and dulcimer's. This corner had some old sitars and other instruments that were on display only. In the bottom right corner there's a metal sculpture of Ben's Grandpa who opened the shop 50 years ago.

The cool thing about the store is that it doesn't promote or shove in your face that it's essentially the birthplace of Ben's musical talents. In a way its just another great thing that came out of it. The only thing I found were a few newspaper clippings featuring him from the local paper taped to the side of a display case. His mother was also there working the cash register :)

The last picture is of Beags strumming away at the ukulele. Check out his blog if you're, a) into music, b) into sports, c) from Boston

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