March 31, 2009

Art and Crass

About a month ago I did this piece for a little art show. The proceeds went to support The Wellness Community of West Los Angeles. The title is Cleaning Matron and was done with coffee and ink on pannel. The Kings Crown told me about the show and did a sweet piece of a transparent pig. To be as accurate as possible he had a transparent pig shipped in from Tokyo for reference.

Sketch Book Posts

So here is a drawing I finished tonight of a dude in a magazine. Mando, Heri, and I were giving each other a hard time at work for not posting in nearly a month...So here goes!

The caricature of the man with the beard was of one of the artists in last weeks figure drawing workshops. I needed a little break from the model ;)

Figure Drawing workshop 3-25-09

It's strange how hard it is to get myself to go to figure drawing on Wednesdays, yet every time I really enjoy it. In fact, right now I'm putting off making plans to go tomorrow. It sure is an important part of an artists career and every time I go I realize how difficult it is to draw the figure and how I have a long ways to go before I get the hang of it.

March 3, 2009

Mc Steamy quick sketch

During my walk to work, I'm pretty sure I passed by Eric Dane. I was across the street and wasn't wearing my glasses, so I can't be completely certain, but in LA when you think you see a celebrity, chances are you did. When I was passing by I was obviously staring (and probably squinting a bit) to see if I could confirm my sighting. He noticed my gawking, turned and stared back at me as if he wanted to make sure that I knew who I saw. Either that or it was a random guy who was like "what the heck are you looking at?"

Any way, the reason I bring it up is because it gave me a subject to do a quick caricature sketch of at lunch :)

Mc Steamy Caricature