February 23, 2009

Figure Drawing Workshop 2-18-09

Last week was pretty fun. These were done with ink, a crow quill pen (the one with the round nib at the end...im not sure if there is a specific name for those), and a white china marker. I've been trying to experiment a little more with different media during these workshops, and it has really been a blast. It helps to keep it fresh and also makes me think and work in a different way.

February 8, 2009

Kings Crown and Lady

Here are some drawings out of my sketchbook from last week. This Saturday my friend Luke and I got together, drew some pictures, and drank some beers. Can't ask for a better night. Hopefully it will be something we do more often :) I couldn't help but do a quick caricature of him while he was drawing. The only thing I didn't exaggerate was what he was drawing at the time. As you can see he's an amazing artist ;) Check out his blog and see for yourself!

The Lady is from a figure drawing workshop from this past week.

February 1, 2009

X-mas Present For My P's

Last year my parents and I went on a trip to Big Sur, CA to see the beautiful coastline and redwoods. We took a bunch of pictures and had a great time. When I decided I was going to do a caricature for them, I came across a picture of them hugging a red wood that was pretty funny. When I went home for the holidays, I saw that same picture I used to caricature hanging on their fridge. I couldn't wait to give them my rendition of it :)

Man on Chair

This model was pretty interesting so I had some fun exaggerating the pose a bit.