January 6, 2009

Adventureland Art

A few weeks ago at work we created four games in Flash to promote the upcoming movie Adventureland. We worked through a pretty intense schedule to get everything done. It was the first time we pulled an all nighter there! 26 hours total! Geeze! I guess it evened out though because we took the next day off to catch up on some sleep and re-moisturize our shriveled, blood shot eyeballs.

Along with this project came a good amount of changes and adjustments. One idea was to create caricatures of the cast and use those for the games...So I did them, and then, the next day, it was nixed. I figure I might as well post a few so it's not all for nothing ;)

Check out the site at www.adventurelandthefilm.com

I also created this artwork for the whack-a-mole game. For the stains on the machine I spilled some coffee on a piece of countertop, let it dry, and scanned it in. The only problem was that it took hours to dry and by the time it did, the smell of coffee nearly made me sick :P


Unknown said...

wow, beautiful idea with the coffee stain. i'm not sure how you scanned your countertop, but your artwork is really impressive!

BenL said...

Thanks Edward!

I had a small piece of counter top I could remove, so I just scanned that chunk ;)

Anonymous said...

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