September 15, 2008

Finally a post...and coloring book art

I've been wanting to get a blog up for years now, but kept coming up with silly excuses.  Things like, "I'll do it when I get an official website up" or, "I'm not sure how I would like to brand myself."  Well, NO MORE!  It's up, its a blog, and I can always change more excuses :)

Being an art blog, I suppose I should post some art huh?...

A little while ago I worked on a drawing for a kids coloring book.  The book is a compilation of artists in the animation industry and sales will benefit a handful of children's orphanages in Ghana and Tijuana.  It was a great project to work on and the artists created some great pieces.  I'll make sure to follow up and post a link for the finished book when it comes out.  

Along with the line work for the coloring book, we were all asked to do a fine art version.  the originals will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go toward the orphanages as well.

here is my contribution:

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